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Blog 9: Starting Q4 and LoL


it took me a bit longer than expected to write this blog, but c’est la vie I guess. At least things have happened since my last blog:)

I have worked hard on my practice exam for Computer Arithmetic. I think I’ve spent at least 10 hours on it. This was mostly because I had to get familiar with the material and look at some examples. Honestly, I have spent the whole week before the exam, minus 2 days, on this practice exam, so I was a bit nervous for the exam; the exam is only 3 hours. The last two days I focused on other material in case that would be in the final exam. The exam itself was okay-ish. Unfortunately I didn’t manage my time well and as a result I couldn’t finish 1.5 out of 9 questions. Nonetheless, I thought it went pretty okay; today I got the confirmation: I have a 7:) I’m not quite sure if that’s only my final exam, or my take-home exame, or both, but whatever! I’m actually a bit disappointed; I hoped for an 8.

I have also uploaded my final essay for Network Security. I’m glad it’s finished, I’ve put a lot of effort in it. I also finished the third and last exercise sheet, which was posted the day of the NXP trip. It consisted of only two questions and an optional programming part. I’ve chosen to not do the programming part due to my oral exam of VLSI TTR on Monday (i.e., today; deadline of the sheet was Sunday, i.e., yesterday). The questions were not hard, so that should be fine. I’m still waiting for my essay- and final grade. I think I will pass this course, but I want to know for sure;)

Friday the 15th of April we went to NXP in Nijmegen for the VLSI TTR course. It was quite interesting; a few lectures were given and I’ve seen quite a lot of different test machines (seeing the machines was quite impressive). There are possibilities for an internship or master thesis at NXP, which is pretty cool:) Besides the visit, I also need to finish the course; that’s exactly what I’ve done today. I took the oral exam together with my two colleagues with which I’ve done the assignments. The exam took about 2 hours:( Honestly, it could’ve went a lot better, but it turns out I did well enough to get an 8:D Thus I’ve passed this course:)

The exam for Systems Engineering didn’t go as planned unfortunately. I’m still being hopeful, but I’ll have to wait. It was only 3 questions (with each 3 sub-questions), but it consisted of a lot of reading work (which I had anticipated). I can honestly say that my writing hand was super tired after the exam:P

This quarter I decided to follow three courses besides Systems Engineering: Processor Design Project (track course, so not really a choice;)), VLSI System on Chip and Electronics for Quantum Computation (both specialization courses). VLSI SoC is basically for extra credits, since I’m planning to do an internship of 15 points (initially I planned to follow courses for 11 ECTS next year); without this 4 ECTC, I already have enough non-thesis credits.

Processor Design Project is quite interesting. There was one kick-off lecture, and there will be an intermediate meeting to see if we are on the right track, but for the rest there is nothing planned. We are given a processor design written in VHDL, and we have to make it faster in groups of three. This course follows Computer Arithmetic, so surely there are arithmetic optimizations to be done, but you can also think of architectural optimizations. I already have a group, and for coming Wednesday I will look at the source code and the course description, so that we can discuss it on Thursday.

VLSI SoC seems like a really interesting course, hence why I’m taking it for extra credits. For now, lectures are given (though not in the coming two weeks), but after that you have to design a System on Chip in groups of 2 (or 1). The deadline is very lenient; if you want you can send it in the summer, or even next year. I’m going to work together with Reynaldi again (same partner as Digital IC Design), and obviously we are trying to finish it before the summer. I will elaborate more on the project in one of my next blogs!

The quantum course is looking to be quite intensive and complex. I think it will be interesting though. The main reason I’ve chosen this course is because of the Quantum part, which is a trending and upcoming part of Computer Engineering. Did you know Intel invested 50 Million Dollar in TU Delft to design a working Quantum Computer? So yeah, Quantum Computing is quite big at the moment, so I thought it would be interesting to follow is course (unfortunately I didn’t follow introduction to Quantum Computing in Q1). For this course, there will be lecutres and lab assignments. The first lab assignment is due coming Friday and it looks quite complicated:O.

My schedule of this quarter is pretty empty. Tuesday I have 2 lectures and Friday I have 3; the rest of the days I have nothing scheduled. But surely project meetings will be scheduled on these days:( This quarter is looking quite interesting, so I am looking forward to it. However, it’s also looking intensive and I almost can’t wait for the summer holiday:(

As mentioned in my last blog, LCS (League of Legends Championship Series) Europe Finals came to Ahoy in Rotterdam. Together with a lot of people of the E-sports club in Delft (DSEA) I went to this event as a volunteer. It was really amazing and I’ve had a blast. Saturday I applied (not-so) temporary tattoos on peoples arms, and sometimes faces, and on Sunday I took pictures of the crowd with famous youtuber Sp4zie (you can probably see me in his latest vid). After the tattoos I watched the 3rd place match (see picture) which was awesome eventhough the team I was rooting for lost, and after taking pictures I watched the finals which was even more amazing, also beacause the team I was rooting for won. This was my first E-sports/LoL event, and I certainly hope it’s not my last. After the games, I took pictues of the crowd with the players and shoutcasters. A bonus: afterwards I also took pictures with the teams and casters (4 times haha). I also met and talked with a retired German player (CandyPanda) who was behind me in the line for ice cream, and I talked with the owner of the winning team. All in all, it was amazing and to all of you LoL fans: next time it comes to Rotterdam, you should go there; I know I will:)

Inside Ahoy. On screen the casters, on stage the players. That's a lot of people:)!

Inside Ahoy. On screen the casters, on stage the players. That’s a lot of people:)!

On the photo with Fnatic:)!

On the photo with Fnatic:)!

I have busy weeks coming up. I hope I will have the time to write another blog (again, shorter interval than between this blog and the last).


Small edit: I’ve mentioned that I want to do an intership first quarter of next year. In my next blog, when I hopefully have more information, I will elaborate on this!

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