Posted in December 2015

Blog 4: Time for well-deserved holidays :)

Hi guys (so fancy, this bold part),

I made it: I’m writing a blog before my holidays start:) Before I start, a fellow CE student is also writing a blog; you can find his blog here It could be worth to go see his blog too, to see another insight into CE. I recommend you all to check his blog out!

I finally got some results from Q1 back, yeey. I passed the MCA course with an 8, which I’m satisfied with. The oral defense for ACS went better than expected, partly due to the fact that the teacher was happy with our results (which I didn’t expect at all!). He didn’t give us an actual grade, but he told us we passed and with quite a good grade (8 – 9). Lastly, I got the result for my final presentation: an 8:) I passed all three courses of Q1 apparently, I am quite happy with that. It has been pretty rough at times, but in the end (apparently) it was worth it.

Let me update you on the goals I set in my last blog.

I handed in a draft version of my essay and it has been peer-reviewed. According to a fellow student my draft was quite good already, but he had some pointers for me. Yesterday I met with my Scientific Writing teacher to discuss these pointers. Overall, the essay is looking good, but some changes need to be made before I will upload my final essay.

I have started with the System Design lab. I have a good understanding what is expected from me. I am not sure I could say I’m “well on my way”, but I think it will be alright as long as I put time and effort into it. Look at the image below for a part of the lab. It’s a program consisting of additions/subtractions and multiplications which needs to be scheduled. The image shows the toolbox used to get a visual of the scheduled program.

Blog_SD(Toolbox is provided by Dr. Ir. Rene van Leuken for the ET4054 course)

My second IC design assignment has been signed off. Moreover, I have started with the lab together with my colleague. Our lab assignment consists of designing a Time to Digital Converter (TDC). We have decided on an architecture (several architectures exist) and we have started with the design of the cells (we cannot use standard cells). See the image below for our design of a 3-input nand together with testing results (green line is the output, the other 3 lines are the input).

Blog_IC_Schematic (Design is made in Virtuoso, made by Cadence)


Performance Analysis has been quite the same. I have finished all homework assignments up to assignment 4. Last week we had queueing theory, which was pretty interesting.

Overall, I am satisfied with my progress the last weeks. The last weeks combined with the rough first quarter make me feel that I deserved the holidays, I am so happy the holidays have finally started:D Last time I wrote some cool plans for my holidays; unfortunately I won’t do either of those! My aunt already had other plans, and it was too late to arrange other plans. I have decided I will travel to a few cities in the east of the Netherlands (it is very beautiful there with quite some old cities). After that, I will just stay with my family and enjoy the holidays.

Sad me – there is quite some university work to do for me. First of all, I have to work on the System Design lab – the deadline is the day of my oral exam, which is 19 January. Therefore, I don’t need to finish it during the holidays, but I plan to make good progress on it. Secondly, I need to finish all the cells for my IC design project (flip flops, counter, delay element and possibly more). I also need to write a midterm report for the lab. This report is due the 8th of January, so I should make progress during the holidays. Thirdly, I want to finish my essay (deadline 8th of January); this should not take too much time, but it will take some time. Lastly, I’m planning to do the fifth homework assignment of Performance Analysis.

So yeah, quite some work is ahead of me. However, there is also Christmas and New Year’s Eve, which will be fun. Most definitely I will visit some places, or go out to do fun things. And of course, lots of gaming will be done:) I don’t have a choice, do I? I have to unwind before I can start working on the things that need to be done, since my brain is almost exploding at the moment:P

That’s it for now (finally?). I wish everyone relaxing and amazing holidays, Happy Christmas days and a happy New Year (be safe with fireworks!). I hope to welcome you all back after the holidays with my next blog:)


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