Blog 3: Not so occupied, yet!

Hiya folks,

that was fast;) This quarter is not killing me with lots of work yet, fortunately, and that means I have time for the next blog:)!

I am stil waiting for my results of Q1, so I can’t tell you how it went as of now. What I am still waiting for: ASC Lab 2 and 3 results, MCA Reading assignment and lab results and Academic skills final presentation result. As you can see, that is quite a lot sadly. Next week Tuesday I have my lab defense of ACS, so I’ll probably get the ACS results then:)! I’m a bit nervous of it though. Apparently lots of groups had troubles with Lab 3, so that makes me a bit less worried:P.

So what have I been doing the last weeks and why didn’t it (barely) kill me you might wonder;) Well, mostly following lectures and working on assignments.

For Academic skills I have been quite busy with my essay. Last week Sunday was the deadline for my introduction. I was quite satisfied with it, and so were my teacher and the student peer-reviewing me; good start of my essay I’d say:)! The past weekend I have been working further on my essay. Currently I have roughly half of the required 1500 words. I have a good idea what I want to write with the remaining 700-800 words, so that should not be a problem. Deadline for this is Tuesday in 2 weeks by the way. I still want my final presentation grade though:(

Methods and Algorithms for System Design (let’s call it S.D.) has been following lectures mostly up till now. It has been more interesting lately as well, so that’s nice! I finally have access to the lab environment (remote access, meaning I can work on it at home or where ever I want), so that means I should start working on the lab. And that’s exactly what I was planning for tomorrow (and possibly Wednesday as well). I think that this lab is doable, if I put some effort and time into it.

Digital IC Design (let’s call it I.C.) has been the same as the beginning to be honest; the lectures are still intensive but interesting (lectures on combinational- and sequential logic were kind of a repetition from one of my bachelor courses though;)) Last week I signed off my first lab assignment (yeey) and I have been working on the second lab assignment (due this Friday). I and my partner are well on our way; we just need to get over some small bumps. I think we will be able to finish it before Friday; I will look at it Wednesday after the S.D. lab!

Performance Analysis (let’s call it P.A.) has been the same as well, except another PHD’er gave the last lecture, and will give the remaining lectures until the holiday starts (woohoo holiday). The first homework assignment went okay, except I made a small and stupid mistake. The second homework assignment went a bit better I guess, but the answers aren’t online yet. It’s still quite a lot of mathematics (more specifically stochastic processes), but the link with networks is becoming clearer, which is nice since that’s the reason we need to know these stochastic processes;)

Apparently I have enough to do until the holidays start. My goals, before it starts, are: Hand in a draft version of my essay, be well on my way with the S.D. lab, signed off assignment 2 of I.C. and started with the lab, finish all the homework assignments of P.A. and lastly, get all my results for Q1 (and pass ACS!!). Wow, that is depressing:P

After that, the holidays are finally there. I haven’t fully decided what my plans are. I’m thinking about going to my family in Limburg for a few days/a week. I’m also thinking about going to Germany with a friend (we did that last year; we went to the Japanese neighbourhood in Düsseldorf and it was a lot of fun). But maybe I’ll go to Singapore. Who knows, lots of things to do; I will have to decide that during the next weeks. What I do know is, however, that I really need some vacation. Q1 wore me out pretty much, and I have a feeling that the coming weeks will do the same. Regardless of where I will be, I will definitely take a good rest and make enough time to polish my gaming skills (not dropping out of Gold in League of Legends would be my main goal:)). Maybe it will snow and freeze and I can play on the ice, that would be awesome too:) And watch a lot of anime, too, of course. Obviously I will also work on my I.C. lab; Thursday after the holidays a mid-term design rapport needs to be handed in:(

Anyway, I can’t wait for the holidays, but I’ll work hard the coming weeks first. I suggest you all do the same, that way the holidays feel more deserved and are way nicer:) See you next time; probably just before the almighty holidays start!

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